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I am a dedicated and enthusiastic music teacher. I teach FLUTE,  RECORDER, PIANO and MUSIC THEORY – more details below.

I have been teaching for over 10 years, both in schools and privately, all ages from 5-adults. I will guide you to achieve your goals, whether it be playing a tune you love, passing graded exams, or auditioning for music college. I will help you develop solid technique, engage your creative voice, and explore a wide range of genres. Most importantly, I want you to have fun with music! 

I am available for lessons online and in London. Please contact me to book a lesson. In the contact form, please tell me which instrument(s) you want to learn, your level of experience, your ambitions, your location and preferred times.



‘There is no teaching, only learning.’

My aim is for my students to enjoy learning and making music. I am a kind, patient, friendly teacher. I will treat you with respect and help you use your individual strengths. I will choose pieces you love and encourage you to be creative and expressive. Apart from reading notation, I will help you play by ear and explore light improvisation.

When teaching children, I make up games appropriate to their age to keep them engaged and to develop their ear, sense of rhythm and pitch, musicality, musical memory. Activities might involve learning to sing a song, stepping and clapping in time, body percussion games, relating singing to their instrument.

When teaching adults, I make the most of their existing musical knowledge and skill, and help them build on it. It’s never too late to start learning an instrument!




I teach all levels from beginners to advanced (Grade 8+ standard).
I will help you with technical and musical aspects, including:
– posture and instrument balance
– breathing and breath support, articulation (single, double, triple tonguing)
– tone: embouchure, intonation, tone colour, dynamics, vibrato
– choice of repertoire: studies, exercises, classical, orchestral, jazz, folk
– interpretation: phrasing, expression, pacing, delivery
– extended techniques: singing and playing, percussive sounds, multiphonics, quarter tones, beatbox basics
– introduction to improvisation: essential concepts of jazz improvisation
– music theory, harmony, aural training
– audition and exam preparation


I teach descant recorder beginners up to Grade 5 standard.
Recorder for children:
– fun exercises to develop musicianship, playing by ear, essential reading
– songs and pieces suited for different age categories
– posture, breathing, finger coordination, musicality
Recorder for adults:
– as above, but choosing repertoire depending on your musical taste – folk, pop, classical


I teach piano beginners up to Grade 5 standard.
I will help you with:
– posture, hand position
– learning to read music but also play by ear
– reading lead sheets in song books and accompanying with chords
– learning simplified versions of your favourite tunes: pop, folk, classical, jazz
– understanding essential harmony
– accompanying singing with chords (including transposition into suitable singing keys)
– building finger agility through exercises, scales, arpeggios


I teach music theory from beginner to advanced level. I teach classical and jazz approaches.
I will teach you:
– to read notation in treble and bass clef
– note values, rhythm, time signature, key signature
– major and minor scales and triads + inversions
– 7th chords (D7, M7, m7, mM7, dim, half dim), jazz chords (9, 11, 13, 13b9, 13♯11, altered etc.)
– harmonic relationships: tonic, dominant, subdominant, cadences, major and minor II-V-I
– transposition
– modes of the major scale, modes of the harmonic and melodic minor
– chord-scale relationship (for jazz)
– to harmonize a melody
– simple composition and song-writing


Sonia B. (parent of current piano students)

‘Martina has been teaching my 3 children (11, 13 & 15) for over a year now. The wonderful thing about how Martina teaches is she allows them to pick tunes they want to learn. As soon as they can hear themselves playing familiar music their enthusiasm is lit and they want to learn more.  Martina is a knowledgeable, approachable, friendly & professional teacher, who has strived regardless of the lockdown to ensure we have not missed a lesson during the pandemic; her lessons over Zoom have been just as great as her lessons in person.  I cannot recommend Martina highly enough.‘

Lucie Dittrichová (employer 2017-19) – visit website here

‘Martina is an excellent music teacher. She taught flute, recorder and guitar at my music school. Her students made considerable progress and performed well in end-of-term concerts. My clients appreciated her friendly and enthusiastic approach. She was always professional and committed to her work. I can happily recommend her for any students wishing to take their music to the next level.’

Ben L. (flute student, 24)
‘I’ve been having lessons with Martina for over a year. She has made these lessons fun and exciting. She really knew how to break down the areas I was struggling with and explained them in ways I could understand. From ear training to improvising, she’s got you covered! My flute playing has come a long way since I started. I couldn’t recommend anyone better!’

Erika G. (flute student, 18)

‘I really loved lessons with Martina. She is a great flute player and she can pass her experience on to her students very well. She taught me classical music, jazz, modern music and also improvisation or playing by heart, so the lessons were enjoyable and not boring at all. She was patient and when I needed help with something I didn’t get, she was ready to explain it again and again. Thanks to her I didn’t give up playing the flute but I’m loving it. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had.’

Ms. Hnatkova (parent of a flute student, age 14)

‘I can highly recommend Martina as a flute teacher. Although my daughter is quite shy, she enjoyed her flute lessons from day one and even started attending flute concerts. Martina’s friendly, attentive and partner-like approach increased my daughter’s motivation throughout the year. We hope she will come back to Prague soon!’



Private lessons – flute, recorder, piano, music theory (since 2011)

Young Music Makers, London (since 2022)

Arts and Media School Islington, London (2019-20)

Music Studio Hudební lekce (2017-19)

Music School ZUŠ Hostivař (2019)

Music School ZUŠ Ratibořická (2018)

Music School ZUŠ Buštěhrad (2017)

International School of Prague , visiting tutor (2017-18)

International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague (2016)

Music School ZUŠ Vlašim (2016)